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Types of controlled plants

You will need details on the type of controlled plant in order to apply for a Construction Permit and Operating Licence.

As legislated under the Clean Air Act 1991, controlled plants are defined as facilities used for the following:

  1. Manufacture of:
    1. Asphalt or ready-mixed concrete; or
    2. Chemical, stone, clay, glass, cement or lime products or fertilisers or animal by-products
  2. Production or processing of metal or of organic or inorganic chemicals, or for the processing of wood or wood products
  3. Crushing, processing or transfer of gravel, stone, sand or soil
  4. Treatment or disposal of sewage
  5. Drying of hay or forage, or for the production of compost
  6. Generating of electricity or steam
  7. Incineration
  8. Spray painting of vehicles or machinery
  9. Dry cleaning of apparel
  10. Non-portable internal combustion engines (excluding motor vehicle engines) such as compressors and gas or diesel powered pumps
  11. Storage, treatment or disposal of hazardous materials (as defined in regulations)
  12. Burning, or a pyre consisting of prohibited debris
  13. Any other thing declared by regulations to be a controlled plant for the purposes of the Act.