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Report a pollution problem

Avoid delay by making sure you contact the correct department when reporting a pollution problem.

Air pollution includes fumes or odours coming from sources such as:

  • Equipment or facilities that emit exhaust, fumes or odours
  • Open burning of any materials
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Electrical generators
  • Spray paint facilities
  • Sand sifter
  • Rock crushers

Water pollution includes the pollution of groundwater, ponds or seawater from any sources (fuel tanks, boats/ships, etc).

Who do I contact to report a pollution problem?

Air or water pollution

Contact the Department of Environment and Natural Resources at or call (441) 239-2303 or (441) 239-2356 or (441) 239-2318

Asbestos, drinking water and building air quality

Contact the Environmental Health section of the Department of Health at or (441) 278-5333


Contact the Bermuda Police at (441) 295-0011

Littering and Illegal Dumping

Contact the Ministry of Public Works at (441) 278-0560 or email

Garbage Collection

Contact the Ministry of Public Works at (441) 297-7454.

Vehicle emission

Contact the Transport Control Department (TDC) at (441) 292-1271 and ask for the Senior Examiner.