Environmental health

Environmental Health plans and coordinates the national inspection and licensing programmes to maintain and improve the health of Bermuda’s people.

The work of Environmental Health officers seeks to prevent premature death and avoidable illness due to natural and man-made environmental factors.

Environmental Health accomplishes this through the programmes listed below:



Food and  Beverage Safety

  • License all types of food and beverage establishments
  • Sample milk, frozen desserts, foods and beverages and inspect locally slaughtered meat

Housing Health and Safety Programme

  • Ensure safe and sanitary housing conditions
  • Respond to complaints, provides advice and seeks compliance from owners and occupiers
  • Inspect and monitor hotels, guest houses, time shares, camp sites and emergency shelters

Personal Care Safety Programme

  • Licenses and register hospitals, clinical laboratories, pharmacies, hairdressers, barbers, cosmetologists, piercers, tattooists, nursing homes.
  • Inspects schools, sports clubs and gyms

Public Health Nuisances, Pollution and Outbreak Control Program

  • Investigate nuisances such as waste and garbage accumulation, animals, dust, noise, odour, pollution, spray paint and public health
  • Investigate illness outbreaks, assists with containment and prevention

Water and plumbing inspection programme

  • Monitor bathing beaches’ water safety
  • Ensure maintenance, design and installation of plumbing
  • License wells
  • Oversee the design, installation and maintenance of toilet facilities, drains and sewage and waste water treatment and disposal facilities
  • Test and register all coatings used on water catchments and water cisterns to ensure compliance

In addition, Environmental Health actively promotes public education about the environmental health risks the public may face and the best way to handle those risks.

Our public health information can be found on our Environmental Health Education  page.

Information about our fees can be found on our Fee Page. Fees are updated every two years.

To contact Environmental Health with general queries:

Telephone: (441) 278-5333
Email: envhealth@gov.bm
Hours: Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Location: 6 Hermitage Road, Devonshire FL 01