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Water & Plumbing Inspection Programme

Environmental health officers are tasked with ensuring the safety of Bermuda’s water – both drinking and seawater.

In order to do that, the officers:

  • Monitor water safety of piped drinking water, water tanks and catchments
  • Ensure maintenance, design and installation of plumbing for all new and renovated premises
  • License wells and some reverse osmosis treatment plants
  • Oversee the design, installation and maintenance of toilet facilities, drains and sewage and waste water treatment and disposal facilities
  • Test and register all coatings used on water catchments and water cisterns to ensure compliance
  • Monitor water safety of bathing beaches

Water Tank Safety

All houses that access water through their water tanks must perform proper maintenance to ensure safety.

Here is some guidance:

  • Clean your tank at least every six (6)years ( max. by law)
  • Clean and/or repaint your roof every two years. The Approved Paint List 2017-2018 is updated on a regular basis.
  • Do NOT drink well water or put it in your tank

Find-out more in our Safe Tank Water Guide.

Construction/ Renovations- (Plumbing)

All new builds and renovations to plumbing and water supplies require building permits. This process includes plan evaluations and inspections by Environmental Health Officer’s of all new plumbing and drainage for regulatory compliance.

For plumbing Inspections, call our Plumbing Hotline: 278-5338

Seawater Monitoring

We also conduct a seasonal seawater safety monitoring program at our main bathing beaches.          

Seawater Testing Results

For more information, contact us:

Telephone: (441) 278-5333
Location: 6 Hermitage Road, Devonshire FL 01