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Food and Beverage Safety

Environmental Health officers provide critical assistance to ensure food and beverages consumed in Bermuda are safe.

The officers:

  1. License all types of food and beverage establishments - Find the most recent inspection results on Grades on Licences.
  2. Sample milk, frozen desserts, foods, beverages and inspect locally slaughtered meat

Licensing all types of food and beverage establishments

Organisations will have different requirements placed on them, which incorporate best, international practice standards in their fields.

Each of organisation will require approval from Environmental Health, and may require annual inspections.

Please visit the information below for more detail:



Bake Sales

Guide to bake sales

BBQs at Restaurants and Refreshment Shops

Operational Guidelines for BBQs at Restaurants and Refreshment Shops

Home Bakeries

Guide to Home Bakeries/Manufactories

Frozen Desserts

Operators Guide to Frozen Desserts

FOG Guide

Don't Clog with FOG

High Risk Food Premises

High Risk Food Premises Inspection Report (Sample)

Mobile Restaurants (lunch wagons, food carts)

Procedure for Opening an Itinerant Restaurant (Lunch Wagons and Food Carts)

New or remodeled food establishment

Procedures for Opening a New or Remodeled Food Establishment

Temporary Food Stalls

Guide for Temporary Food Stalls

Temporary Food Stalls Licence Applications

Learn how to keep yourself safe as a consumer and visit our: Environmental Health Education page.

For more information contact Environmental Health on:

Telephone: (441) 278-5333
Location: 6 Hermitage Road, Devonshire FL 01