COVID-19 Guidance and Recommendations

From 31 March 2022, you must wear a face mask indoors when the business, shop or office you are entering has a mask mandate. This will be clearly displayed at the entrance. If masks are optional, then you do not need to wear one. Please note, currently, face masks are mandatory in treatment areas of both hospitals and when visiting or working at Corrections facilities. All customers, clients and staff must comply with the mask policy of the business. Face masks have proven to be effective in reducing the spread of infection.

The Ministry of Health strongly recommends businesses set mask requirements for entry and the provision of services which are appropriate for their establishments. 

This is because the COVID‐19 virus is very easily transmissible. It is mainly spread from person to person by small virus-containing droplets that are exhaled when an infected person is speaking, singing, coughing, sneezing or breathing. Well-fitting masks are a simple and effective form of personal protective equipment, forming a barrier from getting and spreading respiratory infections.

The pandemic is not over, and there will continue to be many situations where staff and or customers will benefit from a policy which requires masks to be worn to enter a premises or receive a service. 

Also, it is important for all in the community to ‘know your status’. Take advantage of home antigen test kits to regularly check and make sure you are not infected with the virus which causes COVID-19. 

Testing, together with a mask policy – either a personal policy or a company-wide policy – will help reduce the risk of transmission and infection, and increase safety.


The webpages listed below provide more specific guidance and recommendations on living safely with COVID-19.

Mask Guidance: For information about who, when and how you should wear a mask to protect yourself and your community.

Quarantine and Contact Tracing: If you have tested positive or are a close contact of someone who is positive, follow this link for information about isolation, quarantine and contact tracing. 

Transportation Guidance: Find information about COVID-19 safety protocols for transporting the public by bus, ferry, taxi, limousine or minibus.

Health and Well-being Guidance: Find the information you need to keep yourself safe and health during the ongoing pandemic. There are tips for seniors, extremely vulnerable persons, preventative behaviours, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and so much more. 

Healthcare Workers, Carers and Care Settings: Check this page for all of your healthcare professional guidance such as the safe use of masks in a healthcare setting, guidance for home care providers in Bermuda and long-term care facilities. 

The Workplace: Find information and recommendations relevant to a variety of workplaces,  including (but not limited to) restaurants, bars, clubs, offices, shops, places of worship, personal services and theatres.

School, Childcare and Camps: Find information on the requirements for your day care, nannies/babysitters, school settings, camps and other resources for children. 

Events and Activities: Find information and recommendations relevant to a variety of events and group activities, including (but not limited to) parties, sports, shows, weddings, funerals and Island Boats.