Schools, childcare and camps

Updated July 22nd 2021

Guidance for Return to School and Day Care after Travel

Day Cares

All day cares are now open, but must ensure they are following the COVID-19 Guidance for Day Care Centre and Day Care Providers

Day Care Guidance for Parents.


COVID-19 Guidance for School Settings

COVID-19 Guidance for Schools & Childcare Facilities

Social gatherings and distancing guidance 

Screening occurs before a child enters school. The following guidance provides information on how the temperature for children, staff and teachers should be taken: Temperature Screening Guidance.

Guidance for Minibuses and Public Buses for dedicated school runs

Caring for a child or staff who develops symptoms of COVID-19 in a child care setting (Thermal Monitoring)

The educational or child care setting must ensure, and implement effectively, policies for the care of children who become unwell and maintain their physical and mental health, and emotional wellbeing. 

The Care of a child or staff who develops symptoms of COVID-19 (Thermal Monitoring) whilst in an educational or child care setting outlines the steps that must be taken if this occurs.

Nannies and Babysitters

Nanny Guidance

Nanny Guidance (Filipino)


Guidance for Camp Operators

Ministry of Health Approved Camps as of July 20th 2021

*Please note that this list is updated every week*

  1. Teacher D's Summer Day Camp
  2. Greaves' Camp
  3. Endeavour
  4. BDA Sports Camp
  5. Camp Wa Wa
  6. Cool Kids Camp
  7. STAR Diving Summer Camp
  8. Musical Mornings - Bermuda Kids
  9. WindReach Dame Marjorie Bean Hope Academy Camp
  10. Bermuda Program at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
  11. Mid Atlantic Robotics IN Education (MARINE) at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
  12. Mid-Atlantic Robotics IN Education (MARINE) at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
  13. Mid-Atlantic Robotics IN Education (MARINE) at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
  14. Marine Science Internship at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
  15. Ocean Science Camp at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
  16. Ocean Science Camp at The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences
  17. Bermuda S.T.E.A.M. Camp
  18. On de Rock Summer Camp
  19. Bermuda Gymnastics Summer Camp
  20. Futsal Summer Camp
  21. Bermuda Cricket Board Howzat Indoor Cricket Camp
  22. Saltus Summer Camp
  23. Camp Xplosion
  24. Victor Scott Summer School Camp
  25. Belhaven Stables/Farm
  26. BSMART Foundation
  27. I AM BRAVE: Summer Survival Skills Development Programme
  28. Inner Beauty Kids Spa
  29. Morgan Hill Summer Camp
  30. Dolphin Quest Bermuda
  31. CBC  Tennis Summer Camp
  32. X-Treme Kidz Camp
  33. Kids Prep Camp
  34. Camp Dandy
  35. LB Football Academy
  36. Bermuda National Trust Summer Camps
  37. Planet Math Xplorers Xpedition
  38. D&D Summer Camp
  39. Fresh Start production Program
  40. Money Wise Academy Camp
  41. Behind the Design Middle School camp
  42. The Bermuda Hockey Federation "SportWays" Camp 2021
  43. Dellwood Summer School
  44. BUEI Lil' Explorers Camp
  45. BUEI S.T.E.A.M Camp
  46. Royal Bermuda Yacht Club
  47. Quality Gymnastics Camp
  48. Bermuda Institute Camp
  49. BNG Art+Tech 2021
  50. Bermuda Squash and Action Camp
  51. Root Camp/Wild Island Farm
  52. Bermuda Cupcake Company
  53. Art and Activity Camp
  55. Brainwave Summer Camp
  57. Aries Sports Camp
  58. Sui Generis Dance Studio 'Girl Power' Dance Camp
  59. Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club
  60. Tucker's Point Club Camps
  61. Bermuda Zoological Society Aqua Camps
  62. Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation
  63. Connectech Coding
  64. FunCamps Bermuda
  65. R&J Camps
  66. Bermuda Lab Academy Summer Program
  67. Tomorrow's Voices
  68. Sparks Camp Champ
  69. Girlz Rock
  70. Endless Pottery & Craft Camp
  71. RES Horse camp
  72. Venture Theatre Drama Summer Intensive 2021
  73. Bermuda Art Studio classes - Summer camp
  74. Creative Minds Camp (CMC)
  75. In Motion School of Dance Summer Intensive
  76. SPCA Camp
  77. Dibia DREAM SPARK Camp
  78. Deep Blue Dive
  79. Eco Explorers
  80. Imagination Musical Theatre Camp
  81. Imagination Musical Theatre Camp
  82. In Motion School of Dance Little Stars Camp
  83. Creative Minds
  84. In Motion School of Dance Musical Theatre Camp
  85. I-PLAY Summer Boost - Heron Bay Primary Site
  86. I-PLAY Summer Boost - St Paul's site
  87. I-PLAY Summer Boost - Lyceum site
  88. I-PLAY Summer Boost - St Georges site
  89. Camp Pioneers
  90. The Salvation Army Adventure Days
  91. IESHUN S Fashion Camp
  92. Justified Melodies Music Hope Camp (JMMHC)
  93. Children's House Camp -Somersfield Academy
  94. L.I.T Tennis Camp
  95. STEM Summer Camp
  96. Wee Care A  Lot  Kamp Koolz Summer Camp
  97. The J.A.M Club
  98. MITA
  99. JAG Athletics
  100. Camp Connect
  101. Adventurers BDA
  102. DASP Bermuda
  103. FMS3 Summer Camp
  104. Fun Zone Summer Camp
  105. The Lookout
  106. Camp Jonah
  107. Family Centre Youth Activities
  108. Dellwood Academic Intervention
  109. Team Hurricane Basketball Camp
  110. BBA Junior Cycling Camp
  111. Kids Just Want to Have Fun
  112. Build and Grow Summer Camp
  113. iSWIM Swim Camp
  114. Lil' Saints Summer Camp
  115. Creative Chicks Arts & Crafts Camp
  116. KTECH Playmaker Program
  117. BHS Booster Camp
  118. Art and Activity Camp II
  119. Visionary Sailing Academy



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