Schools, childcare and camps

Updated May 9th 2021

As of 6am on Sunday May 9th 2021 there is a night-time curfew from 10pm to 5am and the below guidance must be followed.

The mixing of households is not prohibited but it is strongly discouraged.

Public and private schools and Bermuda College are open.

Licenced/registered Day Care Centres and Day Care Providers are open.

Guidance for Return to School and Day Care after Travel

Day Cares

All day cares are now open, but must ensure they are following the COVID-19 Guidance for Day Care Centre and Day Care Providers

Day Care Guidance for Parents.


COVID-19 Guidance for School Settings

COVID-19 Outbreak Guidance for School and Child Care Facilities

Social gatherings and distancing guidance 

Screening occurs before a child enters school. The following guidance provides information on how the temperature for children, staff and teachers should be taken: Temperature Screening Guidance.

Guidance for Minibuses and Public Buses for dedicated school runs

Caring for a child or staff who develops symptoms of COVID-19 in a child care setting (Thermal Monitoring)

The educational or child care setting must ensure, and implement effectively, policies for the care of children who become unwell and maintain their physical and mental health, and emotional wellbeing. 

The Care of a child or staff who develops symptoms of COVID-19 (Thermal Monitoring) whilst in an educational or child care setting outlines the steps that must be taken if this occurs.

Nannies and Babysitters

Nanny Guidance

Nanny Guidance (Filipino)


Guidance for Camp Operators



Licenced Day Care Centres


Kids Wash Your Hands PSA

Download Children and Face Coverings (mask) Poster