Schools, child care and camps

The following guidance is developed based on guidelines from the World Health Organization for our children, schools and day care settings. Recognizing that respiratory infections, including influenza and COVID-19, can impact children, teens and young adults, there are actions that can be taken that will help to prevent the spread of these diseases in our schoools, child care settings and camps.

Guidance for Return to School and Day Care after Travel  provides specific guidance to teachers, staff, children and parents about when they should return to the settings after travel.

Day Cares

These Directions are for Reopening Directions for Day Care Centres and Day Care Providers . It includes advice on how to promote good public health and manage the spread of COVID-19.

All Day Care Centres wishing to re-open should consult the Directions and submit the required documents available on the Child Care Regulation Programme page.

Government has confirmed Day Care Centres may be able to open during Phase II to allow for care especially for children of essential workers. What to expect Day Care Guidance for Parents.

Nannies and Babysitters

Nannies, which work for one or more families in the family/ies’ private homes, are not regulated by the Government of Bermuda therefore the below guidance is support for the families and nannies. Each family and nanny/babysitter will need to make a risk based decision about whether to continue their care agreement. 

Nanny Guidance

Nanny Guidance (Filipino)


The following guidance has been developed for both public and private schools in Bermuda to assist with infection prevention and control in the school setting. It addresses the health screenings, Physical Distancing protocols, environment cleaning schedules and acitivities: COVID-19 Schools Guidance.

Social gatherings and distancing guidance for the prevention of COVID-19 in school settings.

Screening occurs before a child enters school. The following guidance provides information on how the temperature for children, staff and teachers should be taken: Temperature Screening Guidance.

The following guidance is for the transport of children on minibuses and public buses for school runs: Guidance for Minibuses and Public Buses for dedicated school runs

Camps and Afterschools

The Camps and Afterschool guidance is for Camp Directors, staff and parents. It includes advice on how to make Camps safer, reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 and providing a safer environment for those on site, their families, and the wider Bermuda population. The guidance is informed by our own Ministry of Health and international organizations such as the Centre for Disease Control, World Health Organization, and Public Health England.

The guidance is available here: Guidance for Summer Camps and After School Programmes

A list of camps that have registered with the Ministry of Health and are approved as aligned with the COVID-19 Summer Day Care Guidance is here.

Camp Operator Registration Form

Camps should register with the Ministry of Health and Department of Youth and Sport and provide information about their programmes, staff and the children they are caring for. The Registration Form is quick and easy to complete.

Caring for a child or staff who devlops symptons of COVID-19 in a child care setting (Thermal Monitoring)

The educational or child care setting must ensure, and implement effectively, policies for the care of children who become unwell and maintain their physical and mental health, and emotional wellbeing. 

The Care of a child or staff who develops symptoms of COVID-19 (Thermal Monitoring) whilst in an educational or child care setting outlines the steps that must be taken if this occurs.



Licenced Day Care Centres


Kids Wash Your Hands PSA

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