Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance

There is no curfew in effect and the below guidance must be followed.

The following webpages provide technical guidance on COVID-19:

Quarantine and Contact Tracing: Provides information about quarantine and contact tracing in the form of both written and visual guidance. 

Events and Gatherings Guidance: Find the information you need to review when holding events and gatherings. In order to hold an event or gathering larger than the permitted maximum, an exemption from the Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport is required. The form that must be completed in order to apply for an exemption is included within this guidance.

Religious Gatherings, Funeral, Wedding & Domestic Partnership Guidance: Find information related to religious gatherings (such as weekly services), funerals, weddings & domestic partnerships. 

Public Transportation Guidance: Find information about COVID-19 safety protocols for public transportation (both on land and water).

Health and Well-being Guidance: This page will provide you with the information you need to keep yourself safe and health during these uncertain times. There are tips for seniors, extremely vulnerable persons, preventative behaviours, pregnancy and breastfeeding, and so much more. 

Healthcare Workers, Carers and Care Settings: The page for all of your healthcare professional guidance such as the safe use of masks in a healthcare setting, guidance for home care providers in Bermuda and long-term care facilities. 

Mask Guidance: Find information about who, when and how you should wear a mask to protect yourself and your community. 

Recreation: Find the information you need before you go to the beach, visit a facility for personal services or requirements for outdoor dining. 

School, Childcare and Camps: Find information on the requirements for your day care, nannies/babysitters, school settings, camps and other resources for children. 

Workplace Guidance: Provides information on the best pratices for business owners and managers to keep their business and employees healthy and safe. Includes guidance for food establishments, hotels, retail and transportation.

Vulnerable Persons Shielding Guidance