Import sand, stone or gravel

To import sand, stone, and gravel to Bermuda you must:

  • Complete and submit an Application to Import Sand, Stone and Gravel
  • Obtain a certificate of treatment (heat or fumigation), nematode test results, or a sample of the product

The Plant Protection Laboratory will assess the application to ensure all documentation has been provided.  Applications requiring on-island nematode testing will require additional processing time. Your application will be denied if all documentation is not provided or the product is contaminated. 

You will be informed by email of the status of your application and sent a letter confirming the approval of the specified product.  After the product is approved, you can authorize your supplier to ship the product to Bermuda.

What to do when your shipment arrives

When the shipment arrives, the Bermuda Customs Declaration (BCD) form must be sent to the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for review prior to submission to the Customs Department. BCDs for authorized shipments will be stamped, signed, and released. The BCD can then be collected from DENR and submitted to Customs.

When you receive the shipment, you must submit a sample of the product to DENR within five working days for confirmation of product.

The shipment will be seized and destroyed at the owner’s expense if

  1. the sample produced on arrival does not match the sample submitted with the application
  2. the product information cannot be verified
  3. the shipment is determined to have been contaminated
  4. the shipment is not submitted for verification

You must seek approval authorization on an annual basis. Shipments without valid authorization will be confiscated and destroyed at the owner’s expense.


Nematode Testing: $100