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Import pesticides or fertilizer

A pesticide is any substance (including an organism) that directly or indirectly controls, destroys, attracts, or repels any organism or disease that is injurious, noxious, or troublesome to plants or animals.

You must apply for a permit to import any pesticide into Bermuda. 

How to import a pesticide to Bermuda

To import a pesticide into Bermuda:

  1. Complete and submit an Importing Pesticides application form along with:
    • a link to or a paper copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
    • a link to or a paper copy of the actual product label
  2. Submit all Bermuda Customs Declaration forms for incoming shipments containing pesticides to the Plant Protection Laboratory at the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources before submitting them to Customs to be reviewed for compliance then stamped and signed. Fees apply (see below). Customs will reject customs declaration forms that do not have the DENR stamp and signature.
  3. Pay the required fees. See fee structure below.

Completed applications are processed within five business days, unless the application contains new active ingredients, new products, or newly documented environmental or health risks. These applications will require an in-depth review. Approval to import pesticides takes into consideration the importer and their pesticide application experience, the expected use of the product, and the active ingredients in the product. 

Applications will be rejected if:

  • the required supporting documentation is not provided, is incorrect, or is not in English
  • the packaging of the product is unsafe
  • the product or any of its active ingredients are inappropriate for use in Bermuda
  • the applicant does not have the necessary certifications to use the product

Pesticides imported without approval will be confiscated and will also incur a fine. All confiscated items will be confiscated and destroyed. Refer to the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources’ Prohibited Pesticide List.pdf.

Importing fertilizers

You do not need to apply for an import permit to import a fertilizer into Bermuda unless it contains an herbicide component, such as in “weed and feed” products.

What to do when a shipment of fertilizer arrives in Bermuda

All Bermuda Customs Declaration (BCD) forms for shipments containing fertilizers must be delivered to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for review prior to submission to Customs. Approved BCD’s will be stamped and signed. There is no fee for this service (unless the fertilizer contains pesticides, in which case permission would have to be granted to import the pesticide prior).


Application to import pesticides fees

  • Issuing a letter of authorization to import pesticide: $60 per pesticide
  • Issuing a letter to authorization to import an environmentally-safe pesticide: free

Bermuda Customs Declaration processing fees

  • Verification of authorization to import pesticides on invoice:
    • 1-5: $45
    • 6-10: $55
    • More than 10: $65
  • Importation of a pesticide not approved for entry: $150
  • Importation of a prohibited pesticide: $525 per pesticide