Import produce

You must apply for a permit before importing fresh fruit or vegetables that are considered


 or from a

High Risk Areas.pdf (107.29 KB)

.  All produce is subject to inspection upon entry into the island.

The following items are prohibited entry:

  • Fresh, unfrozen corn on the cob
  • Fresh, untreated, unfrozen carrots
  • Fresh, unfrozen sweet potatoes
  • Fresh, unfrozen mangoes, papaya, guavas, and other fruit-fly hosts that are not hot-water treated or irradiated

Importing plants, seeds, bulbs, tubers, rhizomes, or cuttings intended for propagation follows a slightly different process.

See entry requirements for produce coming to Bermuda.

How do I import produce?

For high-risk produce:

  • Submit a completed Produce Application Form
  • Submit treatment and phytosanitary certificates, as required

For restricted produce:

  • Contact the Plant Protection Laboratory with requests for authorization to import restricted items
  • Submit treatment and phytosanitary certificates, as required

For unregulated produce:

  • No prior approval needed
  • Produce must not be imported with pests, diseases, soil, or other organisms of quarantine significance

The Plant Protection Laboratory will assess applications to ensure all documentation has been provided. Applications which are complete will be processed within five (5) business days. Same-day permits have an expected completion of twenty-four (24) hours. Applications containing new produce to Bermuda will incur a delay.

Applications will be denied if:

  • all documentation is not provided
  • treatment certifications cannot be obtained or verified
  • the material is prohibited entry due to legislative or quarantine concerns.

Imported restricted produce must be inspected by the department prior to release to the importer. The importer must apply for a


 or instruct their freight forwarding company to deliver the produce directly to the Plant Protection Laboratory. Inspection may take place at the importer’s business, where appropriate. The importer will be contacted to collect the approved items. 

The material will be confiscated if found to contain any pests, diseases, soil or if it does not meet the entry requirements.


The fees for an import permit are as follows:

  • 1-10 genera: $26
  • 11-20 genera: $45
  • 20+ genera: $60
  • Same day service for up to 10 genera: $55

The fees for inspection upon arrive:

  • 1 box or bag - $26 per box/bag
  • Disposal fee of contaminated produce and/or packaging – per unit - $50