Import live flowers, floral arrangements or greenery

You must apply for a release form to import live flowers, floral arrangements, and greenery into Bermuda. This form tells Customs that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources has authorized the release of the shipment directly to the importer.

This process is not the same as importing plants, bulbs, tubers, rhizomes, and cuttings for propagation.

How to import live flowers, floral arrangements, and greenery into Bermuda

  1. Before arranging to purchase any of these items from abroad, contact the Plant Protection Library to ensure that the material you wish to import is approved for entry into Bermuda.
  2. Order the approved plant material.
  3. Submit the Application for a Release Form to the Plant Protection Laboratory with the invoice for the purchased plant material no later than 11 a.m. on the day the shipment is due to arrive. Applications are usually processed within 30 minutes of receipt.
  4. Present your approved release form to H.M. Customs and bring it directly to the Plant Protection Laboratory for inspection. The boxes cannot be opened, or the laboratory will not inspect the materials.
  5. If pests and/or diseases are detected, the flowers will be subject to treatment or confiscation (and destruction), depending on the pest or disease intercepted. Otherwise, the shipment will be released to you immediately.


  • Inspections of plant material upon arrival: $3 - $25 per box
  • Release form: free