Social Development and Seniors

Our Mission is to protect all individuals during their lifetime and facilitate their well-being.

The focus of the Ministry of Social Development and Seniors is to ensure that social policies and services are in place to protect, assist, inform, and empower the most vulnerable within our community.  Social development is about improving every individual's well-being so they can reach their full potential. We invest in our people, providing opportunities for residents to grow and develop their skills to empower them to achieve their full potential and contribute to their families and the community in a meaningful way.

Meet the Minister of Social Development and Seniors, the Hon. Tinee Furbert JP, MP 

What do they do?

The following departments fall under the MOSDS’s authority:



  • National Safeguarding Committee
  • Child Care Placement Board
  • Co-Parenting Mediation Council
  • Disability Advisory Council
  • Head of Selection and Appointment Committee-HRC
  • Charities Commission
  • Litigation Guardians Panel
  • Ageing Well Committee