Importing and exporting plants

Bermuda is a small island with big biodiversity. The Department of the Environment and Natural Resources looks after all of the island’s plant life—sometimes even yours. See how the Plant Protection Laboratory can diagnose your sick or diseased plants.

If you think you’ve discovered a new plant species, or if you’ve noticed something interesting about a plant in Bermuda, share it with the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources.

Want to grow some plants at home? Have your soil tested for suitability by the Plant Protection Library.

Apply to import and export plants in Bermuda

Thinking of importing or exporting plant material from Bermuda? Make sure that you have the correct forms and all the information you need on plant exports, including exporting wood products from Bermuda. The Plant Protection Library also oversees importing and exporting of substances that might affect plants.

FInd out more information on importing: