Health Data and Monitoring

The Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit helps to manage and monitor the status of health in Bermuda by:

  • Regularly recording, interpreting, and reporting data that reflect the health of our community;
  • Reviewing health problems and outbreaks; this includes chronic diseases, injuries, and social factors that influence health status
  • Detecting and monitoring epidemics and public health emergencies.
  • Providing health information upon request in a variety of formats.

Current Alerts

Enhanced Surveillance for Mass Gatherings (America's Cup, Tall Ships, Bermuda Heroes Weekend)

  • No large-scale outbreaks.
  • No ongoing public health events.

Listed here are diseases of concern and information about how best to protect yourself.

  • The Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit has received increased reports of gastroenteritis (a Diarrhea and Vomiting Illness ).
  • The Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit contines to receive reports of fever and respiratory symptoms.
  • Zika

Disease Reporting Forms

We collect health information from various contact points in the community to monitor the health of our Island and identify any concerns. Below are forms for reporting:


Disease Fact Sheets

We have prepared fact sheets on common infectious diseases, all of which are available in PDF format. Find more information about:

Chickenpox Impetigo



Head Lice

PDF icon Mumps

Conjunctivitis PDF icon Influenza

PDF icon Pertussis - Whooping Cough

Diarrhea and Vomiting Illness PDF icon Measles

PDF icon Rotavirus

Enterovirus D68 PDF icon Meningitis

PDF icon Scabies

PDF icon Foodbourne Illness  PDF icon MERS CoV

PDF icon Strep Throat

Hand, Foot and Mouth

Mononucleosis & Epstein Barr Virus PDF icon Tonsillitis


We developed these reports to provide help on issues that concern groups or organizations in the community.


Our reports provide in-depth review of Bermuda’s data and population health.

Data Dashboard 

We collect data on a regular basis and our data dashboard provides the community with access to these statistics. Please visit our data dashboard (coming soon) to explore the data we have available. Below are our most recent annual data reports:

​HIV/AIDS Report 2016 - Summary

Annual Sexually Transmitted Diseases Statistics 2015


If you are seeking a presentation on the Island’s data and information, or there is data you are seeking, which is not available here, please complete the appropriate request form: