The Governor of Bermuda

The Governor of Bermuda is appointed by Her Majesty the Queen, on the advice of the British Prime Minister. He is responsible for upholding the Bermuda Constitution and for other duties as assigned by the Queen or her Ministers.

Responsibilities of the Governor of Bermuda

The primary responsibilities in Bermuda of the Governor are external affairs, defence, internal security, and the police. The Governor is the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Bermuda Regiment.

British Ministers expect Governors to observe international obligations and to protect key values, such as the independence of the judiciary, the political impartiality of the public service, and integrity in the administration of justice. The Governor works closely with the elected Government of Bermuda.

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Governor of Bermuda's biography

Her Excellency Ms Rena Lalgie was sworn in as the Governor of Bermuda on 14 December 2020.

2020 – present

Governor of Bermuda

2016 – 2020

HM Treasury, Director of Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation

2015 – 2016

UK Trade and Investment, Director of Operations, Trade Group

2013 – 2015

Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, Deputy Director Industrial Strategy

2010 – 2013

Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, Deputy Director, Information Economy and Cyber Security

2008 – 2010

Better Regulation Executive, Deputy Director, Domestic Affairs and Public Sector

2007 – 2008

HM Treasury, Head of Counter-Terrorism and Security Review

2007 – 2015

Justice of the Peace (Central London Bench)

2006 – 2007

Cabient Office, Civil Contingencies Ssecretariat, Team Leader, Strategic Planning

2004 – 2006

HM Treasury, Head of Criminal Justice System and Crime Branch

2003 – 2004

HM Treasury, Drugs and Organised Crime and Policy Analyst


Prime Minister’s Strategy Unit, Drugs Policy Analyst

2001 – 2003

Home Office, Young People Substance Misuse Policy Adviser

1998 – 2001

Short-term posts and internships at Commonwealth Institute, FCO, Home Office and No 10

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The Deputy Governor of Bermuda

The Deputy Governor is appointed by the Governor to act as Governor in his absences. Outside of those times, the Deputy Governor assists the Governor in his responsibilities. In particular, the Deputy Governor chairs or is a member of various committees charged with work under the broad responsibilities of the Governor.

The Deputy Governor represents the Governor on the Emergency Measures Organization Executive Committee and works with the Bermuda Government to ensure that a wide range of disaster and counter-terrorism plans are regularly exercised and updated as necessary.

As a member of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), the Deputy Governor is also responsible to the governor for ensuring that Bermuda meets the international obligations that the United Kingdom has assumed on its behalf, such as marine, aviation, environment, and human rights issues.

Deputy Governor of Bermuda’s biography

Ms Alison Crocket was sworn in as Deputy Governor of Bermuda in July 2018.

She joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 2001 and has served in various roles most recently as the Head of Anti-Corruption  in the FCO’s Economic Diplomacy Directorate. She worked on secondment from the FCO to UNAIDS in Geneva from 2011 – 2015 as a senior policy adviser for most vulnerable populations  and was eight years in Vienna representing UK interests at the UN Office of Drugs and Crime. Before her diplomatic career Ms Crocket worked in a number of public health and social care roles for local government and voluntary organisations. She has a degree in Law and a Masters in International Law. 

Her partner Pete Westmore, accompanied her to Bermuda and her two grown up daughters and son in law, Lindsay, Kirsty and Angus will be frequent visitors. The family dogs, Laurel and Harvey are with them in Bermuda.

Government House

The Governor of Bermuda lives in Government House, a 33-acre estate in Pembroke Parish. Government House employs 20 executive, secretarial, and domestic staff who work for the Governor and Deputy Governor.

PATI Statement

Office of the Governor's Public Access to Information statement