Previous Governors of Bermuda


The first Governor under the Crown was Sir Richard Robinson, appointed 12 April 1687, even though Col. R. Coney (1683-1687) was confirmed by the Crown in 1685.

Others actually held the post of Governor from 1612 when Richard Moore was in the seat. From 1612 until 1687 Governors were being appointed under the Bermuda Company.

Governors from the 20th Century +

1902-1904 Lt. Gen. Sir Henry LeGuay Geary, CB 

1904-1907 Lt. Gen. Sir Robert M. Steward, KCB 

1907-1908 Lt. Gen. Sir Josceline H. Wodehouse, KCB 

1908-1912 Lt. Gen. Sir Frederick Walter Kitchener 

1912-1917 Lt. Gen. Sir George M. Bullock, KCB 

1917-1922 Gen. Sir James Willlcocks, GCB, GCMG, KCS, DSO 

1922-1927 Lt. Gen. Sir J. J. Asser, KCB, KCMC, KCVO 

1927-1931 Lt. Gen. Sir Louis Jean Bols, KCB, KCMC, KCVO 

1931-1936 Lt. Gen. Sir Thomas Astley-Cuhhitt, KCB, CMG, DSO 

1936-1939 Lt. Gen. Reginald Heldyard, KCB, CMG, DSO 

1939-1941 Lt. Gen. Sir Denis John Charles Kirwas Bernard, KCB, CMG, DSO 

1941-1943 The Rt. Hon. Viscount Knollys, KCMG, MBE, DFC 

1943-1945 The Rt. Hon. Lord Burghley, Marquess of Exeter, KCMG 

1946-1949 Admiral Sir Ralph Leatham, KCB 

1949-1955 Lt. Gen. Sir Alexander Hood, CBE, KCB, KCVO 

1955-1959 Lt. Gen. Sir John Woodall, KCMG, KBE, CB, MC 

1959-1964 Maj. Gen. Sir Julian Gascoigne, KCMG, KCVO, CB, DSO 

1964-1972 The Rt. Hon. Lord Martonmere, PC, KCMG 

1972-1973 Sir Richard Sharples (Ass. Mar. 10, 1973) KCMG, OBE, MC 

1973-1977 Sir Edwin Leather, KCMG, KCVO, LLD 

1977-1980 The Hon. Sir Peter Ramsbotham, GCMG, GCVO 

1980-1983 The Hon. Sir Richard Posnett, KBE, CMG 

1983-1988 Viscount Dunrossil, CMG 

1988-1992 Major-Gen Sir Desmond Langley, KCVO, MBE 

1992-1997 The Rt Hon Lord Waddington, GCVO, PC, QC 

1997-2002 Thorold Masefield, CMG 

2002-2007 Sir John Vereker, KCB 

2007-2012 Sir Richard Gozney, KCMG, CVO 

2012- 2016 Mr. George Fergusson


Governors from the 19th Century

1803-1805 Henry Tucker 

1805-1806 Francis Gore (Lt. Gov.) 

1806- Henry Tucker 

1806-1810 John Hodgson 

1810-1811 Samuel Trott 

1811-1812 Sir James Cockburn 

1812- William Smith 

1812-1816 George Horsford (Lt. Gov.) 

1814-1816 Sir James Cockburn 

1816-1817 William Smith 

1817-1819 Sir James Cockburn 

1819- William Smith 

1819-1822 Sir William Lumley 

1822- 1823 William Smith 

1823-1825 Sir William Lumley 

1825-1826 William Smith 

1826-1829 Sir H. Turner 

1829- Robert Kennedy (Act. Gov.) 

1829-1830 Sir H. Turner 

1830- Robert Kennedy (Act. Gov.) 

1830-1832 Sir H. Turner 

1832-1835 Sir R.S. Chapman 

1835- Henry G. Hunt (Act. Gov.) 

1835-1836 Robert Kennedy 

1836-1839 Sir R.S. Chapman 

1839-1846 Lt. Col. William Reid 

1846- W.N. Hutchinson 

1846-1852 Sir Charles Elliott..KCB 

1852-1853 W,H. Eden (Act. Gov.) 

1853- George Philpots (Act. Gov.) 

1853- Soulden Oakley (Act. Gov.) 

1853- Thomas C. Robe (Act. Gov.) 

1853- Soulden Oakley (Act. Gov.) 

1853-1854 Sir Charles Elliott, KCB 

1854- Montgomery Williams (Act. Gov.) 

1854-1859 Col. Freeman Murray 

1859- AT. Heniphill (Act. Gov.) 

1859-1860 William Munroe 

1860-1861 Col. Freeman Murray 

1861-1864 Col. H. St. George Ord, CB 

1864- William Munroe (Act. Gov.) 

1864-1865 W.H. Hamley (Lt. Gov.) 

1865-1866 Col. H. St. George Ord, CB 

1866-1867 W.H. Hamley (Lt. Gov.) 

1867- Arnold Thompson (Act. Gov.) 

1867-1870 Sir F. E. Chapman 

1870- W. F. Brett (Lt. Gov.) 

1871-1877 Maj. Gen. R. M. Laffan, KCMG 

1877-1882 Lt. Gen. Thomas L. J. Gaiwey 

1888-1891 Lt. Gen. E. N. Newdigate, CB 

1892-1896 Lt. Gen. C. Lyons, CB 

1896-1901 Lt. Gen. 0. Digby Barker, CB


Governors from the 18th Century

1701-1713 Capt. Benjamin Bennett  
1713-1718 Henry Pulleine  
1718-1722 Capt. Benjamin Bennett  
1722-1727 Sir John Hope  
1727-1728 John Trimingham  
1728-1737 Capt. John Pitt  
1737-1738 Andrew Auchinleck  
1738-1744 Alured Popple  
1744-1747 Francis Jones  
1747-1751 William Popple  
1751-1755 Francis Jones  
1755-1763 William Popple  
1763-1764 Francis Jones  
1764-1780 George James Bruere  
1780- Thomas Jones  
1780-1781 George James Bruere  
1872-1788 William Browne  
1788-1794 Henry Hamilton (Lt. Gov.)  
1794-1796 James Crawford  
1796- Henry Tucker  
1796- William Campbell  
1796-17~8 Henry Tucker  
1798-1803 George Beckwith 


Governors from the 17th Century

1612 Richard Moore  
1616 Daniel Tucker  
1619 Nathaniel Butler  
1622 Capt. John Bernard  
1623 Capt. Henry Woodhouse  
1626 Capt. Philip Bell  
1629 Capt. Roger Wood  
1637 Capt. Thomas Chaddock  
1641 Capt. William Sayer  
1642 Capt. Josias Forster  
1643 Capt. William Sayer  
1644 A Triumvirate: William Sayer, S. Paynter & W. Wilkinson  
1645 Capt. Josias Forster  
1645 The Triumvirate  
1647 Capt. Thomas Turner  
1649 John Trimingham (Elected by the People)  
1650 Capt. Josias Forster  
1659 Capt. William Sayer  
1663 Capt. F. Seymour  
1668 S. Whalley  
1669 Sir John Heydon  
1681 Capt. F. Seymour  
1683 Col. Richard Coney  
1687-1690 Sir Richard Robinson  
1691-1693 Isaac Richier  
1693-1698 Capt. John Goddard  
1698-1700 Samuel Day