Get an Extension of Spouse’s Employment Rights Certificate

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To apply, you must be a divorced spouse of a Bermudian with custody or shared custody of Bermudian Children.


You must supply the following information:

  • A completed ESERC form

  • Two (2) character references from Bermudians supporting the application           

  • Certified copies of the birth certificate or passport; marriage certificate if married or deed poll, if applicable

  • Certified copies of the birth certificate(s) of the Bermudian child(ren)

  • Two (2) passport type photographs

  • Local Bermuda Police Report

  • Certified copy of the certificate of marriage to the Bermudian ex-spouse

  • Certified copies of the divorce decree absolute and custody papers

  • Proof of the ex-spouse’s Bermudian status. A spouse’s letter issued by the Department of Immigration can be used as proof.

  • Letter from the ex-spouse confirming that the applicant has custody of the child and provides support for the child. Alternatively, documents from Government Agencies such as Magistrates Court, Ministry of Health and Family Services, etc can be submitted as proof of custody and support of the Bermudian child(ren)

  • Proof that they exercised or were eligible to exercise spouse’s employment rights immediately prior to the divorce, i.e. letters from the employer(s), or proof of the ex-spouse’s ordinary residence in Bermuda- i.e. letters from the ex-spouse’s employers; or letters/transcripts from schools, universities, etc., including the relevant dates; or a letter from a professional person attesting to the continuous ordinary residence in Bermuda of the ex-spouse


Eserc Application fee


How to apply

In order to make application for Bermudian Status the following steps must be taken:

  1. Visit the department of immigration website:

  2. Identify the  application of interest  then select from list of processes

  3. Download the Application Form

  4. Print the application form and complete the application form with black (for passport applications single sided paper nad black ink only) or blue ink. Obtain all required documents based on notes checklist.

  5. Make online payment to the HSBC bank Account to include description

  6. Submit the application and all required documents in the Immigration Drop Box on the First Floor of the Government Administration Building with copy of online payment Confirmation.

  7. A member of the ImmigrationTeam will contact each applicant to advise if items are missing by email, once all items are submitted and the Application is deemed complete the applicant will be duly advised along with the expected timelines.

After review of the appropriate section please direct all queries to: