Renewable energy resources and fact sheets

Renewable energy systems such as solar hot water heaters, solar photovoltaic systems and Micro-Wind Turbines, can stabilize your energy costs and reduce your reliance on electricity generated from polluting fossil-fuels that contribute toward climate change. The Micro-Wind Turbine Airport Radar Map is a geographical map of the island identifying optimal locations and height limitations for micro wind-turbines so that it will not interfere with the airport radar system.

Understanding renewable energy resources in Bermuda is critical to predicting the energy output of renewable energy technologies. To assist businesses, researchers, students and anyone else with an interest in Bermuda’s renewable energy resources the Government has published solar and wind resource data. The username to login is ‘doe’ and the password is ‘doe2011’. The data will be updated periodically, so check back if you need more up-to-date information to calibrate your own measurement equipment.

Energy Efficiency Fact Sheets

Many high-efficiency products can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on fuel or electricity costs over their lifetime, so make sure you view the relevant fact sheets on this website before you buy. The fact sheets also contain advice on how to reduce the energy consumption of your existing appliances or vehicle and remember that in addition to reducing your energy bills, buying more efficient products will also reduce your impact on the environment caused by the burning of polluting fossil fuels that contribute toward climate change.

Customs Duty Reductions

2010 Tariff Reductions of Energy Related Goods is a list of the import duty rates of various energy efficient and renewable energy products have been reduced to encourage their adoption in Bermuda.