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Register a petroleum storage tank

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources requires all applicable fuel tanks to be registered.  This includes tanks that are located below ground (i.e. Underground Storage Tank – UST) and above ground (i.e. Aboveground Storage Tank – AST). 

Which tanks need to be registered?

The following fuel tanks that are 200 US gallons or greater shall be registered: 

  • Fuel tanks that are isolated from equipment but connected, via pipework, are required to be registered.
  • Fuel tanks of any size that are located on vehicles are required to be registered.

Fuel tanks that are integrated directly into other equipment (i.e. day tanks) are not required to be registered. 


There is no fee required to register your fuel tank. 

Required specifications for petroleum storage tanks

  • New installations of fuel tanks shall be double-walled and contain an interstitial sensor to monitor for tank integrity; 
  • New installations of fuel tanks shall be provided with a level of corrosion protection built into the design;
  • Old single walled tanks and pipework greater than 30 years old shall be assessed, closed and removed following consultation with the department;
  • Above-ground storage tanks and associated infrastructure shall be designed to prevent risk of damage by vehicles;
  • Monitoring for leaks and ‘leakproofness’ shall be conducted annually once the UST/AST is greater than 20 years old.

Contact the Department of Environment and Natural Resources for more details.