Apply to do scientific research in Bermuda

You must submit an

if you intend to conduct any research on any of Bermuda’s plant and animal species.

Licenses will be issued for specific periods, authorizing specific activities and may carry terms and conditions.

Please allow at least four (4) weeks for the approval process. Note: if the work involves collection or manipulation of protected species, sampling in protected areas or the use of restricted gear, processing may take longer.

Please be as specific as possible when following the instructions in the application form

Be aware that any supplies or equipment imported into Bermuda will need to be declared to a Customs Officer. To learn more about the Bermuda Customs Declaration process.

Submitting the application

After signing and completing the form, submit it as an email attachment to Ms Alison Copeland, Biodiversity Officer, at .


Application Requirements

  1. Target Species of Proposed Research
  2. Applicant Details
  3. Collaborators
  4. Project Schedule
  5. Project Information
    1. Summary
    2. Abstract
    3. Purpose of the Research
    4. Project Objectives
  6. Project Methods
    1. Proposed Location(s)
    2. Procedures
    3. Collections
  7. Public Availability of Product/Publications


Conditions of the Scientific Research License

  1. This application, and any accompanying documents, will be sent to the relevant Bermuda Government officers for comment. You may be asked to modify your research plans based on these comments.
  2. You as the license holder are responsible for the actions of any person designated to undertake research or collect specimens/samples on your behalf.
  3. Specimens/samples collected under this license may not be used for any other purposes beyond the scope of the proposed study without the explicit sanction of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
  4. All relevant permits should be obtained before you export any specimens/samples out of Bermuda.
  5. A copy of any reports and publications resulting from activities conducted under this license should be forwarded to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Deadlines for the submission of reports will be indicated on the license/permit.
  6. Licenses will not be re-issued unless a satisfactory research progress report has been submitted to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.