• The Bermuda Post Office (BPO) wishes to advise the public that all sub post offices will be closed between 8am and 10am on Tuesday morning (24th January 2017) due to a staff meeting. The General Post Office, which is located on Church Street in Hamilton, will not be affected and that location will open for business at 8am as usual.


  • Members of the public are invited to submit requests to rezone property or amend policies in the Bermuda Plan 2008. Requests should be submitted on a Rezoning Request form and emailed to or submitted by hand to the Department of Planning, 5th Floor, Dame Lois Browne-Evans Building, 58 Court Street no later than Friday, 31March 2017.

Refer a dispute to the Copyright Tribunal

Proceedings in the Copyright Tribunal are initiated by completing an application form and sending it to the Secretary of the Tribunal.

Who can refer a dispute?

In general, only the person seeking a copyright licence can refer disputed matters to the Copyright Tribunal.

However, where the tribunal has already made a decision in a particular area, the collecting society as well as the licensee may apply to the tribunal to change that decision, usually on the grounds that circumstances have changed materially since the tribunal last considered the matter.

Any party to a tribunal hearing may appeal against its decision, but only on points of law.


The standard fee for an application to start proceedings in the Tribunal is $50.

Cheques must be made payable to the Accountant General. You can find a complete list of fees in Schedule 2 of the Copyright Tribunal Rules 2014

How to apply

You need to complete the following application and submit it with a statement of case and the required fee.

Please refer to the Copyright Tribunal Rules 2014 for further details concerning procedures.