Make a victim impact statement

A victim impact statement allows you to tell the Court how a crime has affected you physically, emotionally, and financially.  The information you provide will be used to help the Court determine the sentence for the offender. 

You can request that the statement be read in Court.  If your statement contains confidential or sensitive information, you can ask the Court to deal with it in private.  You will usually not be required to attend Court, but if any fact in your statement is disputed, you may be required to attend.

When completed, the victim impact statement is given to an officer in the Witness Care Unit who files it with the Court.  They will inform you when the court date for sentencing is arranged.

Find out how you can get support if you are a witness or victim of a crime

Who can fill in a victim impact statement?

  • The victim (the person who suffers physical, emotional, or financial loss as a result of the crime);
  • The witness care officer on behalf of the victim;
  • The prosecutor on behalf of the victim.

If the victim is deceased, ill, or incapable of making a statement, then the following persons can make the victim Impact statement:

  • The spouse of the victim
  • Any relative of the victim
  • Anyone who has custody or who is responsible for the care and support of the victim
  • Any dependant of the victim

What information do I put in a victim impact statement?

The victim impact statement is about you, the victim, and not the offender.  You should avoid comments about the offender or the sentence that the Court should impose.

Your statement should describe the following:

  • The harm done to you, or
  • Any physical, emotional, or financial loss suffered by you as a result of the crime

The completion of a victim impact statement is voluntary.  You may complete all or only part of the form. You should complete the statement as soon as practical after the offender pleads guilty or is found guilty, but before the offender is sentenced.

If you have new information about the effects of a crime, you may update your victim impact statement by contacting an officer in the Witness Care Unit.

Will I receive compensation for my injuries?

You may receive compensation for any injuries you have received as a result of the crime under the Criminal Injuries Act of 1973.  You will need to contact the Witness Care Unit or the Registry of the Supreme Court.