Get a New Business Work Permit

A New Business Work Permit allows an exempted company that is new to Bermuda to receive automatic approval of work permits for the first six months of obtaining the first new business permit. There is no need to advertise the positions.

New Business Work Permits will be issued for one, two, three, four or five years. At the end of the New Business Work Permit term, if the employer wants the employee to remain in Bermuda, they must apply for a Standard Work Permit.

There are various types of work permits depending on the type of work and the length of time the person will be working in Bermuda.


New 114B companies to Bermuda will be granted New Business Work Permits – however these will be limited to five permits within the first six months of obtaining the first permit.

New Business Work Permit holders may be employed in:

  • any job category provided that their position is not an entry level position, or
  • a graduate position; or
  • a trainee position; or
  • a job specified in a closed or restricted category.

However, if the New Business Permit holder falls within a job category where a statutory council must be consulted that must still be done.

There is not a maximum number of permits that can be issued under this policy.  However, new businesses that anticipate requiring greater than 10 work permits within the first six months of operation (e.g. relocating an existing business from another jurisdiction) and 114B companies will be required to present their Bermuda office staffing plan.  This should include projections for hiring and developing Bermudians, as well as engaging local service providers to support their organisation.

These plans will be taken into account when considering new Business Work Permits.


To qualify for a New Business Work Permit, employers must provide:

  • a certificate of incorporation of a Bermuda exempted company or section 114B certificate;
  • the date that the company has or will commence operating (if the first day of operation is not the same as the date of incorporation).


One-year new business work permit


Two-year new business work permit


Three-year new business work permit


Four-year new business work permit


Five- year new business work permit



How to apply

Employers must complete the New Business Work Permit Application form. However, please note that the decision on what constitutes a new business lies with the Minister.