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Get a dog licence

Anyone keeping a dog must hold a licence for that dog. Licences are renewable each year. It is your responsibility to properly licence your dog annually.

In order to apply for a dog licence, you must:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • provide details of yourself, the dog and where the dog will be housed (if it will be living off of your premises);
  • pay a fee at the time of licensing.


The annual fee for a spayed/neutered dog is $25 (you must present a veterinary spay/neuter certificate).

The annual fee for an unspayed/un-neutered dog is $125 (regardless of age).

How to apply

You must apply in person at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources to obtain a dog licence.

If you imported your dog or adopted it from the local SPCA shelter, you must obtain an initial dog licence at the office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Botanical Gardens, Paget. You will receive a permanent licence identification tag to be displayed on the dog’s collar or harness.

If you obtained your dog from another person locally (i.e. a breeder, seller or transfer from previous owner), the animal should come with a valid licence (tag and current receipt). If the seller/breeder/transferor cannot provide you with a valid licence, then do not accept the dog.

The licence number assigned to a dog stays with the animal for its lifetime, even if the animal is moved to a new owner.

Licences will be issued for legal dogs only. Illegal dogs are subject to seizure under the law, and the keepers are subject to prosecution.              =

Renewing a dog licence

You will receive a renewal notice approximately four to six weeks ahead of the licence expiration.

With the renewal notice, you may renew the licence in one of three ways:

  1. In person at any post office;
  2. In person at the main office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources; or
  3. Mail the renewal notice and payment to the Department at P.O. Box HM-834, Hamilton, HM-CX

If you no longer have a dog, and wish to cancel the auto-renewal notices, please contact the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Do I need a dog licence if my dog is just visiting Bermuda?

You are not required to obtain a licence for an imported dog if:

  1. before the dog was imported, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources was satisfied that the dog will be exported from Bermuda within 28 days its importation; and
  2. the dog was exported from Bermuda within that period.

Transferring dog ownership

If you sell or give away your dog, it is your responsibility to notify the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the dog’s new owner and address.