Import fish, marine fish, lobster or seashells

All animals arriving into Bermuda must be accompanied by an import permit together with an original health certificate.

Importing fish

The health certificate must be issued by a licensed veterinarian or qualified fish examiner of the country from which the fish is/are coming.

Learning about importing animals to Bermuda to find out the general rules and applicable fees.

Requirements and conditions

A certificate of health issued by a veterinarian or a qualified fish examiner within 10 days of arrival must state that:

  • The fish is free from visible signs of disease and parasites.
  • The fish must be freshwater species only.
  • The shipment includes no species that are prohibited from importation.
  • No plant material or invertebrates may accompany shipment.

Download the Application to Import Fish

Importing marine fish or marine lobsters

The importation of any live marine species (animals, fish or plants) is strictly forbidden without permit. Individuals do not qualify for such a permit. These same items may be imported by individuals without a permit if these items are fully and visibly cooked or frozen at the time of import.

Importing sea shells

The importation of clean sea shells is permitted without a permit, except where the species is protected by law. The importer should expect to have his/her shells confiscated by Bermuda Customs so that the shells can be inspected by the Fisheries Division of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. If the imported items pass inspection, the shells will be returned to the importer.

For answers to your inquiries on any of these matters, contact the Fisheries Divisions via telephone at (441) 293-1785, or via e-mail.