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Maintaining the Valuation List

Residential Property Valuation Methodology 

Find out more about Residential Property Valuation Methodology and how the Annual Rental Value for a residential unit is calculated.

Alterations to Properties – The Process 

Learn more about the process of maintaining the Valuation List as a result of alterations to properties such as mergers, splits, demolitions, new builds etc.

Charitable Exemption

In order to qualify for charitable exemption under the Land Valuation and Tax Act 1967, it is important for the organization to complete and submit a Charitable Exemption Application Form to the Department.

Commercial Property Changes Form

When there have been changes to a commercial property, it is important for the owner or agent to complete and submit a Commercial Property Changes Form to the Department.

Residential Ancillary Areas and Amenities

The ARV is not just about the size of the living accommodation, but also the ancillary areas and amenities.  Find out more about residential ancillary areas and amenities.

Annotated Residential Survey Plan

View a digital survey plan for a residential unit.  This plan relates to information collected during the site inspection by the Valuation Survey Technician.

Uninhabitable Properties

If a property becomes Uninhabitable because it is a ruin or undergoing major renovations, an inspection from the Department can be requested whilst the property is incapable of beneficial occupation.

*Please see the Uninhabitable Properties Flyer and Uninhabitable Property Check List.

Inspection Letter

Prior to an inspection by the Department, the taxpayer will receive written notification in the form of an Inspection Letter.  This is all part of the process of maintaining the Valuation List and keeping it up-to-date.

The Proposal Letter

If there is an alteration to the Annual Rental Value following the site inspection, a Proposal Letter is then served on the taxpayer.  Learn more about the the Annotated-Proposal-Letter.pdf which is part of the process of maintaining the Valuation List. The Proposal Letter will be sent with the associated brochure for residential or commercial properties.

Notice of Objection Form

If a taxpayer does not agree with the proposed Annual Rental Value in the Proposal Letter, a Notice of Objection form can be submitted to the Department on the prescribed form within the statutory objection period.  Find out how to complete an Objection form and more about the Objection Process.

Objection Process Guidance Notes

Upon receipt of a valid Notice of Objection, the Department will acknowledge receipt of the Objection and provide the taxpayer a copy of the Objection Process Guidance Notes.  Learn more about objections to Annual Rental Values and the Objection process.