Notice of objection

There are three opportunities when you can make an objection to your annual rental value:

  1. The Draft Valuation List (six months following deposit of the draft valuation list)
  2. A proposal to amend the Draft Valuation List (the latter date of the six month draft list objection period or 28 days after the date of the proposal)
  3. A proposal to amend the confirmed Valuation List (28 days after the date of the proposal)

Objection process

The objection process follows a straightforward timeline. As a general summary, the process will work as follows:

  1. Within one week of receiving your objection, the Land Valuation Department will send a letter acknowledging the objection and outlining the Objection-Process. The objection will also be forwarded to the Land Valuation Appeal Tribunal, should a hearing be necessary at a later date.
  2. Within four weeks of receiving your objection, a staff member from the Land Valuation Department will contact you to arrange a meeting. Staff members usually also arrange a site visit to inspect your property with you.
  3. Following that meeting, there may be subsequent discussions in order to seek resolution of the objection. The Land Valuation Department will then send you a formal response to your objection and should there be a breakdown in communication or no possibility of resolution, the objection will be referred to the tribunal for a hearing.  The tribunal will contact you regarding the next steps in the objection process.

Filing an objection

If you disagree with your annual rental value, you can send a Notice of Objection Form ​ to the Land Valuation Department. Objection Form (annotated)

Objections to the current 2015 Draft Valuation List are due in writing by 30 June 2016.