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Homecare provider registration

Registration with Ageing and Disability Services (ADS) is required for home care providers (aka caregiving providers) with clients paid for, partially or in full, by the following government departments:

For information regarding the benefits and payment contact the benefit provider directly.

Types of Caregiving Providers:

There are three categories of caregiving providers:

  • Personal Caregivers
  • Nursing Associates (Geriatric Aides/Nursing Assistants)
  • Registered Nurses

Caregiving providers can be self-employed or work under a Home Care Agency.

How to Register:

Complete and submit the correct application form with all required supporting documentation to or directly to: ADS, Ministry of Health, Continental Building, 25 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12

Find a Registered Caregiving Provider:

The Registration process provides basic security vetting and sets minimum qualification requirements for caregiving providers. It is the responsibility of each person to ensure the caregiving provider they hire meets their specific needs or the needs of their loved one. The public list of registered caregiving providers is updated periodically.

Registered Caregiving Providers Listing (Dec 2017)

Sample Client and Caregivng Provider Contract