Energy in Bermuda

Historically like other modern developed countries around the world, Bermuda has depended on fossil fuel for energy production for electricity, heating, cooling and transportation.

Due to this dependence on external resources for energy, security of supply and production of energy have always been subjects of interest by both government and non-government entities. These groups over the years have studied, held workshops and documented the role of energy on the Island.  

Some of these include the



, Proceedings of the Workshop on Renewable & Alternative Energy Technologies for Bermuda and Other Small Island States and most recently the University of California, Santa Barbara’s Offshore Wind Energy in the Context of Multiple Ocean Uses on the Bermuda Platform Study

Other relevant resources include the Department of Sustainable Development’s - Charting Our Course: Sustaining Bermuda - 2008 and the Bermuda National Trust’s, The Impact of Climate Change on Bermuda - 2008 - The Bermuda National Trust