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Computer energy guide

Common household electronics such as computers typically account for 5–10% of your annual electricity consumption.

Modern computers typically last for many years, so when you buy a new model you are committing to many years of energy costs.

Purchasing a laptop computer instead of a desktop computer can save you hundreds of dollars on your electricity bills over the lifetime of the computer.

When purchasing a new computer, choose a laptop instead of a desktop to significantly reduce your energy consumption for computing

ENERGY STAR® qualified computers are required by the U.S. Department of Energy to use less energy than models not labeled with the ENERGY STAR® logo. Remember that you can buy computers that are many times more efficient than the basic ENERGY STAR® requirement.

Using Your Computer

If you do not plan to replace your computer for some time, take the following steps to reduce the energy consumption of your existing equipment:

• Adjust the automated power settings on your computer to conserve electricity by shutting down after periods of inactivity

• Turn off peripherals such as printers when not in use

• Once you have shut down your computer and peripheral devices, turn off or unplug them — many devices still consume electricity even when shut down

• Inkjet printers can use up to 90 per cent less energy than laser printers. Colour printing can also use more energy than black and white. Using double sided printing can reduce your paper consumption