Bermuda High School Certification

Upon completion of high school in the Bermuda Public School system, students graduate with the Bermuda School Certificate (BSC). To graduate, students must obtain 104 credits from the time they enter senior school. At the senior level, students enter one of two public schools and complete a total of 12 years of compulsory schooling (P1-S4) by the time they graduate. The chart below indicates the Bermuda grade level/age equivalency to the United States, Canada and England.

Bermuda Grade Level/Age Equivalent

Age (yrs)BermudaUS/Canada

England (year level)

5Primary 1KindergartenYear 1
6Primary 2Grade 1Year 2
7Primary 3Grade 2Year 3
8Primary 4Grade 3Year 4
9Primary 5Grade 4Year 5
10Primary 6Grade 5Year 6
11Middle 1Grade 6Year 7
12Middle 2Grade 7Year 8
13Middle 3Grade 8Year 9
14Senior 1Grade 9Year 10
15Senior 2Grade 10Year 11
16Senior 3Grade 11Year 12
17Senior 4Grade 12Year 13