Bermuda entry visas

Effective 11th August 2023

Our visa policy was amended by Order of the Minister responsible for Immigration under Section 26 of the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 1956. The Order can be found at:

Travelers whose country is listed in the Order must present a multi re-entry visa (MRV) for the UK, US or Canada to enter Bermuda:

  1. Tourist Visitors
  1. Standard Work Permit Holders with a visa condition on their work permit (including spouses and dependants of work permit holders who possess valid permission to reside in Bermuda)
  1. Short Term (including Emergency) Work Permit Holders
  1. Periodic Work Permit Holders

The multi re-entry visa and the traveler’s passport must be valid for 45 days after the expiration of a visitor stay or of the Short Term and Periodic Work Permit. (US Passport Cards are not permitted for use for travel to Bermuda by air).

Travelers who arrive in Bermuda without an MRV or passport or whose MRV and passport validity is less than 45 days will be refused entry into Bermuda.

The following classes of travelers do not require a multi re-entry visa:

  • Standard work permit holders whose permit does not contain a visa condition, and their sponsored dependants who do not require a visa
  • Permanent Resident’s Certificate holders
  • Resident Certificate holders

Spouses and dependants of Bermudians arriving to take up residence in Bermuda do not require an MRV, but must produce a current letter issued by the Government of Bermuda attesting that they are a spouse of a Bermudian and/or belong to Bermuda pursuant to section 11 (5) of the Bermuda Constitution 1968

Work Permits for Travelers Requiring an MRV

Where an employer applies for Standard Work Permit for a work permit holder who requires an MRV, the Department of Immigration will process and issue the work permit. The issuance of the work permit will assist with the application for the MRV. In accordance with Section 130 of the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 1956, the Department of Immigration may request that the employer deposit a sum of money (estimated) with the Chief Immigration Officer, to cover the repatriation of the work permit holder and his/her spouse and dependant(s); including costs relating to the requirement for two Senior Immigration Inspectors to provide a travel escort to the home country.

Additionally, an administration fee of $245.00 will be charged to the employer should repatriation estimates by the Department of Immigration be necessary. Where repatriation with assistance by Department of Immigration is not required, the deposited sum will be refunded via normal processes by the Accountant General.

For questions/concerns relating to this change in Policy or the Order, please contact the Department of Immigration at 30 Parliament Street on 246-8093.