Report an Immigration Violation

To work in Bermuda, you must be Bermudian, be married to a Bermudian, or be a Permanent Resident’s Certificate (PRC) holder. If you are not, under the Bermuda Immigration and Protection Act 1956, it is illegal for you to live and work in Bermuda without a valid work permit.

Do you know of someone who may be violating Bermuda's Immigration Laws?

If you know of someone who may be committing immigration offences (e.g. by being in Bermuda unlawfully or working illegally), you can send submit your concern to the Department of Immigration.

To enable the Department of Immigration to investigate the information, you must enter as many fields as possible on the form. Obtaining as much information as possible will allow Immigration Inspectors to successfully investigate and apprehend the perpetrator.

All tips are treated as confidential. You can choose to input your contact details or leave that section blank. If you choose to provide your details, you can be assured that any information about your involvement will not be disclosed.

Contact the Department of Immigration either online or by calling 441-296-5202 if you think someone is working and living in Bermuda illegally or employing someone illegally.