Customs Update - Importing COVID-19 Related Goods

Monday, October 4th, 2021

The Customs Department has implemented the following process regarding the importation of goods that are intended to be used in relation to COVID-19 (i.e., SAR-CoV-2 - severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2), such as testing kits and testing supplies.

Customs will secure any shipments containing COVID-19 related goods until such time as the importer of the goods (or their Agent) completes the declaration making process and provides to Customs the necessary approvals from the Department of Health.

The Department of Health must review the product information for all antigen test kits intended for COVID-19 virus screening and issue the relevant approval, which is to then be provided by the importer to Customs.

There are no quantity restrictions as to the number of antigen test kits that may be imported for either the personal use of individuals or for commercial use (i.e. sale or supply).

In general, any antigen test kits must be certified by an approved country-level regulatory agency (i.e. US, UK).  Non-regulatory body approved antigen test kits will not be allowed.  However, it is important to note that the Department of Health will make the final determination as to the approval of any antigen test kit.

Further, all other types of COVID-19 testing kits and COVID-19 testing supplies require approval from the Department of Health, which is to then be provided by the importer to Customs, regardless if intended for the personal use of individuals or intended for sale or supply to others.

The Department of Health may also issue instructions that specific COVID-19 items for an importer are not approved (“non-approval”).  In such cases Customs will move to detain the items in question.

Should there be difficulties in the release of a shipment containing COVID-19 related goods, please contact Customs via email at:, and provide the following details:

  • Name of Importer as stated on shipment.
  • Bermuda Customs Declaration (BCD) number.
  • Applicable transport document reference, i.e. courier tracking number / air waybill number / bill of lading number / etc.
  • Name of the applicable courier company or freight forwarding company if the shipment is arriving through a courier company or through a freight forwarding company’s warehouse.
  • Approval details from Department of Health.

Helpful Resources -

The Department of Health has an online form entitled, “COVID-19 Test Kit Pre-approval Process”, which can be completed through the following link:

The online form may also be reached by accessing the link: