Camp Operator Registration Form

Camps should register with the Ministry of Health and Department of Youth and Sport and provide information about their programmes, staff and the children they are caring for. The Registration Form is quick and easy to complete. Guidance for Summer Camps and After School Programmes 

COVID-19 Test Kit Pre-approval Form

Only pre-approved entities have permission to import COVID-19 test kits. This online form is to be used by these specific entities to procure such test kits that an international regulatory authority has issued Emergency Use Authorization for. In support of your application to import COVID-19 test kits, the form must be completed and then submitted for review. Approval or denial of your application will be communicated via email.

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Essential Childcare Services Application Form

The Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation (DYSR) is offering an Essential Childcare Services Programme for essential workers who are in need of daycare assistance for their children during COVID-19 emergency measures.  The hours of operation are 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday for children aged 4 to 13 years.  Essential workers who are parents or guardians in need of the DYSR’s Essential Childcare Services Programme should apply by completing the online form.  No walk-ins or drop-offs accepted.  Pre-screening and approval is mandatory.

Price Gouging Complaint Form

The Ministry of Home Affairs in conjunction with the Cost of Living Commission is managing allegations of price gouging in Bermuda. Please fill out the below form to highlight any price irregularities in the Bermuda marketplace. Note this form is anonymous and will be used to inform the Chairman of the Cost of Living Commission for further investigation under his authority. It is not within the remit for refunds to be issued but for business practices to be regulated and the consumer protected from such practices. 

Price gouging is defined as “a seller increasing the prices of goods, services or commodities to a level much higher than is considered reasonable or fair, and is considered exploitative, potentially to an unethical extent. Usually this event occurs after a demand or supply shock. Common examples include price increases of basic necessities after hurricanes and other natural disasters; and in this case a pandemic.”

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Unemployment Benefit Application

Applicable to employees that were full-time (more than 15 hours per week)

Persons on Financial Assistance are not eligible for the unemployment benefit.

Required Supporting Documents

Following documents are needed in order to successfully submit this form.

Status verification letter (depending on your Bermudian status):

  • Copy of Passport Information Page and Registered Bermudian Stamp or Copy of Voter’s Identification Card (for Bermudians)
  • Copy of Official Spousal Letter from the Department of Immigration (for Spouse of Bermudian)
  • Copy of Permanent Resident Certificate (for Permanent Resident Certificate Holders)
  • Copy of Official Work Permit Card (for Work Permit Holders)

Letter from medical practitioner confirming mandatory quarantine (if applicable)

Evidence of payroll tax submissions for two quarters (if self-employed)

Copy of bank account statement to verify name, address and account number

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Unemployment Benefit processing assistance

Employment Violations Tip Line

During this difficult time that is affecting both employees and employers, a number of queries have been raised with the Ministry of Labour, Community Affairs and Sports regarding compliance with the Employment Act 2000 (the “Act”).

We would like to highlight the following points in accordance with the Act and encourage persons, who feel that an employer may be in violation of the Act, to contact us using the form below.

    • Where businesses have been required to close or are not otherwise able to maintain their workforce, employees may be laid off. During the layoff period, which may last for a maximum of four months, you will remain an employee however your wages may cease.
    • Notification of layoff should be provided in writing and while it may be difficult for an employer to advise when it will reopen, employers should advise their workforce whether it intends to pay their wages, a portion of their wages or none at all, during this time.
    • Termination is a result of progressive discipline or serious misconduct. Temporary business closures as a direct result of COVID 19 should not result in contract terminations.
    • Redundancy is a permanent reduction in the workforce. Employers are strongly encouraged to consider layoff however if redundancy is necessary during this time, severance pay shall be provided.
    • Employers may encouraged their employees to use their vacation leave during this time, as it may provide financial relief, however this decision rests with the employee and may not be forced.
    • An employee is entitled to paid sick leave if he has worked for one completed year and is unable to report to work due to illness or injury. As such, sick leave should only be utilized as a result of illness or injury and an employee may not be forced to use this leave otherwise.

If you would like to report an employer who you feel is not adhering to the Act, please complete the following form: Employment Violations Tip Line