Cultural Stakeholder Conference

13 May, 2022

On May 15, the Department of Culture will host its 2nd Annual Cultural Stakeholder Conference, which will bring together key members if the island’s artistic and creative community.

The Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport, Dr. Ernest Peets will open the in-person event, which takes place at the Spanish Point Boat Club on Sunday afternoon.

A variety of conference topics will be covered, including:

  • The Bermuda National Cultural Policy
  • Bermuda Arts Council 
  • Teaching Bermudian Culture
  • The New Aesthetes: Art for Arts Sake, Our Best Ganzees & NFTs
  • Sustainability & Inclusivity in Culture; and
  • Togetherness and Boundaries in Cultural Expression

And some of the featured presenters include:

  • Jennifer Phillips
  • Shanna Hollis
  • Mitchell “Arijahknow Live Wires Trott”
  • Diamond Outerbridge 
  • Jessica Dill
  • TeAnn Hassell, and
  • Milton Raposo 

There will also be live entertainment by local artists. 

The Department of Culture notes that while the conference itself is for invited stakeholders only, members of the public can watch the event via live stream on the Department of Culture's Facebook page starting at 2.00 p.m. on Sunday. Members of the public are also reminded that they can review and download their copy of the Bermuda National Cultural Policy here: