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Public Notification
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Ministry Level
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13 May 2021


(Phased Re-Opening) REGULATIONS 2021



Revolve Group


Whereas the Minister of National Security considers that the proposed Revolve Group is justifying an exemption from the prohibition in section 5 (1) and (2) of the Public Health (COVID-19 Emergency Powers) (Phased Re-Opening) Regulations 2021 on groups of more than ten persons assembling;


Now therefore, the Minister grants an exemption under section 5 (5) of those Regulations to Sascha Hemmann – Managing Director of Rosewood Tucker’s’ Point, permitting a group of more than ten persons to assemble June 6th to 11th 2021 at Rosewood Tucker’s Point, 60 Tucker’s Point Drive, St. George’s Parish with the following conditions:



  1. All persons attending the Revolve Group Meetings must maintain appropriate physical distancing which is described as; maintaining a distance between all persons who are not members of the same household of at least –


  1. six feet; or


  1. three feet, provided each person is wearing a mask which completely covers their nose and mouth,


and follow any relevant guidance.


  1. Maximum group size:  50 persons


  1. Recording of names and contact information of persons attending the event for the purpose of contact tracing. Information to be retained for 28 days post-date of the event.


  1. Adherence to all applicable COVID 19 Health Guidelines as published by the Ministry of Health.


  1.  The Minister of National Security may at any time modify or revoke a group exemption granted in accordance with section 5 (8) (b) of the Public Health (COVID 19 Emergency Powers) (Phased Re-Opening) Regulations 2021.


  1. The Bermuda Police Service / Ministry of National Security Official have right to attend and observe compliance of the conditions as prescribed above.


The Honourable Renee Ming JP MP

Minister of National Security

Date:   10 May 2021