Summary Offences (Curfew) Order 2020

Notice Type:

Government Notice

Notice Sub Type:

Public Notification
Notice ID:
Public Authorities / Department:
Bermuda Police Service
Publication date:
29 March 2020



In accordance with section 14(2) of the Summary Offences Act 1926, this Notice of Exemptions constitutes written permission for the following persons to be on the highways during the curfew hours specified in the Summary Offences (Curfew) Order 2020:

  1. Members of the Legislature, the Cabinet Secretary, the Head of the Public Service and Permanent Secretaries;
  2. the Deputy Governor and staff of Government House;
  3. the US Consul General and staff, and Honorary Consuls;
  4. Judges of the Supreme Court, magistrates and court associates;
  5. members of the Royal Bermuda Regiment, the Bermuda Police Service (including the Reserve Police and Special Constables), the Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service, and the Department of Corrections, when on duty, or travelling to and from duty;
  6. any registered medical practitioner, registered nurse, ambulance driver or crew, or other registered health practitioner (whether employed by the Bermuda Hospitals Board, registered residential care/nursing homes, or otherwise), and other staff of Bermuda Hospitals Board, when such persons are on duty, travelling to or from duty, or otherwise rendering medical assistance to any person;
  7. the following persons when on duty, or travelling to and from duty: members of the Department of Customs, Department of Immigration and Department of Child and Family Services, stevedores and other staff of Hamilton Docks, BELCO staff, staff of Digicel and ONE Communications, licensed security officers, and members of the press.


Commissioner of Police