List of Proposed Planning Applications Advertised on March 13, 2023

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Government Notice

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Notification of Planning Applications Registered
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13 March 2023

            The applications shown below are available for review on the Department of Planning's Customer Self Service

            Portal (, or between the hours of 8:45 am and

            4:30 pm week days at the Department of Planning, 5th Floor, Dame Lois Browne Evans Building, 58 Court Street,

            Hamilton HM 12.


            Any person wishing to object must do so within 14 days of the date advertised.


            For further information on the objection procedure see the Development and Planning (Applications Procedure)

            Rules 1997 and the Objections Guidance Note found on the Department website (





            Angelia Bassett

            12 Sandycroft Lane 

            Southampton SN02

            Proposed New Pool, Deck, Pool Pump Room below, New Hot Tub and BBQ Area, New Steps,

            4 ft. Fencing and Security Gate, and Interior Renovations.

            (Final Approval)





            Newstead Lantana Spa Ltd.

            27 Harbour Road 

            Paget BM PG02

            Proposed Conversion of Suites (720/721 and 740/741) from Fractional Sales Units (Tourism Use)

            to Residential Units (Total 2 New Units).

            (Final Approval)



            Jonathan Hyde

            4 Southcote Road 

            Paget BM PG04

            (Listed Building)

            Solar PV System: 14 panels, 277.2 sq. ft. Total; Total System Capacity 5.32 kW; Total Annual

            Output 7,714 kWh

            (Final Approval)


            St. George



            Hunter Pitcher

            5 Lighthouse Hill 

            St. George's BM DD02

            Proposed Roof Mounted Solar Panels, 16 Panels, Annual Production 6,874 kWh, and Total Area 322 sq. ft.

            (Final Approval)