Rodent Control

If you have a problem with rodents, call Vector Control.

When you open a case with Vector Control:

  1. You will be given a pink tracking slip and a tracking number to check on the process
  2. The inspector will place bait boxes around the perimeter of your property to catch—and kill—the rats or mice.
  3. You must pay $15 per box, though the installation and assessment are free. Bait boxes aren’t available for general use; only an inspector from Vector Control can install them.
  4. You can purchase snap traps from the Vector Control office for $2.00 for mice and $5.00 for rats.

If you are renting a property, discuss with your landlord prior to contacting Vector Control for service.

If you were not home when an inspector installed bait boxes on your property, a notice and/or the inspector’s business card will be left in your mailbox to inform you that the boxes have been installed.

If you think that you have bait boxes already installed on your property, please call the office and make an enquiry. If you know your tracking/reference number please let the inspector know when you call.

Once a case is opened, an inspector visits your property once a week until he or she feels that the pest control was effective and the job can be closed.

If you have a dog or a child and you are receiving treatment for rodents, every precaution must be taken to prevent the animals and children for accessing the poison in the bait boxes. Young children and animals must be kept out of the area that poison is set.

For further assistance, contact Vector Control at:

Telephone: (441) 278-5397 or (441) 278-5333
Location: 6 Hermitage Road, Devonshire FL 01