• The Ministry of Public Works is advising that effective August 6, 2018, Blackwatch Pass will be closed to traffic so that construction works can be conducted. The closure will be for an extended period of time. While Blackwatch Pass is closed the public is encouraged to seek alternative routes to avoid delays.


  • The Ministry of Transport and Regulatory Affairs is advising that beginning Friday, August 10 the Central Bus Terminal ticket kiosk in Hamilton will operate on an amended schedule. Read more

Health Reports

You can find below reports produced by the Ministry of Health or our affiliated organizations. If you would like to see more of our publications, please visit our Health Library.

Adult Wellness Survey1999

Adult Wellness Survey 1999 - Summary

Ageing in Bermuda 2004

Annual Report on HIV/AIDS in Bermuda 2006

Bermuda Health Action Plan

Bermuda Health Strategy 2014-2019

Bermuda Health Systems and Services Profile 2005

Bermuda Health Workforce 2017

Burden of Illness Report 2012

Cancer in Bermuda 2004

Causes of Death 2006

Chronic Diseases and Risk Factors 2007

Emergency Plan for the General Public

Financing Options Report 2012

Health Disparities Report 2013

Health in Review 2017 , 2nd Edition

Health in Review 2011

Health Survey of Adults 2011

Health Survey of Adults and Children in Bermuda 2006

Health System Profile Bermuda 2009

Healthcare in Bermuda 1991

Healthcare Review (Oughton Report) 1996

Healthy Weight Action Plan

​HIV/AIDS Report 2016 - Summary

Human Resources for Health Strategic Plan Bermuda 2018-2020

Long Term Care Action Plan 2017

Long Term Care Services and Supports Funding Interim Report Dec 2017

Long Term Care Services and Supports Funding April 2018

Ministry of Health Roadmap 2018 - 2022

The Ministry of Health and Seniors' Roadmap 2017-2019

National Health Plan 2011

National Health Plan Report on Financing Structure Options 2012

On the Wall or on the Margins Report (aka Mincy Report)

Public Perceptions of Health Services 2005

Risks and Benefits of Local Fish Consumption Report 2007

Selected Causes of Death 2003-2005

Steps to a Well Bermuda 2014

Steps to a Well Bermuda 2014 Fact Sheet

Sugar Tax Consultation Final Report 2018

Sugar Tax Consultation Interim Report 2018

Sugar Tax Consultation Document

Teen Wellness Survey 2001- Summary.pdf

Well Bermuda National Health Promotion Strategy