Legal Case Management Software System

Project Number:

Open/Closing Date:
Friday, July 22, 2016 - 09:00 to Friday, August 19, 2016 - 15:00





Executive Summary:

The Attorney-General’s Chambers and the Department of Public Prosecutions wish to implement an electronic case management system to manage a large number of civil and criminal case files. Each Department has approximately 20 to 30 users with a mix of lawyers and administrative staff, all who will need to have regular access to the case management system, and for some users to remote access and mobile app use.

Project Overview:

The aim of the project is to take advantage of electronic solutions in managing two large groups of lawyers and administrative staff with a large caseload of in-house work, preparation for court and attendance at court. The case management system will become the hub of the Departments’ activities including case and document management, managing court appearances, search tools for precedents, integration with Microsoft Outlook products and access from remote locations with mobile app use.  

The proposed service should be cost effective, reliable, scalable, and based on a Bermuda Government cloud or server using the Bermuda Government existing network. Specifications must be defined and provided by the Respondent for any user-supplied hardware requirements – server or cloud based.

Some other requirements include Contacts/Client/Matters Management, Case Events/Activity, Dockets and Scheduling, File Notes, Integration with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, Document Management – PDF and Word, Document Templates, Mass import/export of documents, Time Entry, Reports, Customization page at case/matter level for statistical recording and reporting, Search functions, basic, advanced of documents/emails, User Portal – for external users to access/update documents in portal, Remote access, Mobile access and Apps, Security levels – Department/Clients/counsel/matters, Backup Capabilities, Online training videos/materials.

Important Dates:

RFQ RELEASED – 22 July 2016

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF PROPOSAL DOCUMENTS - – 3pm on 19 August 2016 by email to