Physiotherapy treatment

Anyone with a physical disability—or some difficulty moving normally—may benefit from physiotherapy. The Department of Health provides physiotherapy services through the Community Rehabilitation Office.

Treatment may involve:

  • balance treatment
  • massages
  • motor planning activities
  • muscle stretching
  • neuro-development therapy
  • post-surgical management
  • postural advice
  • strengthening exercises

Physiotherapists can also advise on splinting and any specialized equipment that can help development or recovery.

Children and physiotherapy

Children can also benefit from physiotherapy. A physiotherapist will treat any condition that affects a child’s physical development, paying particular attention to muscle tone, joint alignment, balance, and coordination.

A full assessment has to be recommended by a physician. Once a physician’s referral has been received by the Department of Health’s Community Rehabilitation office, you will be contacted by phone or mail and asked to arrange an appointment with the relevant therapist(s). There may be a waiting list for an assessment.

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