Personal diabetes care

It’s not easy living with a chronic disease. You’ll need ongoing support with your self-management of diabetes. Good control of your diabetes requires teamwork between you, your physician, and other health care professionals.  

You are the captain of the team and you will need to learn as much as you can about your diabetes and how to care for yourself. Don’t be afraid to admit that you cannot cope or need additional support or help with aspects of your care. 

One tool at your disposal is a


 The passport is designed to help you manage your diabetes care. It has an overview of the screenings, tests, or examinations you may undergo as part of your diabetes care. In your passport you can: 

  1. Record important contact information, your type of diabetes, the date of diagnosis and other diabetes related health issues you may have. 

  1. Find out how often these tests are required; however, this is determined by your physician and may vary according to your individual health status. 

  1. Ensure your individual results are recorded or indicate that tests have been completed.  

  1. Have a record of all of your medications, dose, and frequency of use. 

  1. Have answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about diabetes. 

Take your passport with you when you go to your doctor’s appointments and use it to track your diabetes care. Discuss any concerns with your physician or other health care professionals. 

You can get your Personal Diabetes Passport from your physician, the Diabetes Education Centre, or the Bermuda Diabetes Association Resource Centre. Or you can