Parks Special Permit

The Department of Parks is issuing its annual advisory regarding bonfire permits and the guidelines for dogs and horses in Bermuda’s National Parks.

As a reminder, Bermuda’s National Parks comprise of all public parks and public beaches. 

And in accordance with the Bermuda National Parks Act 1986, 2009 & 2017 Amendments and The Bermuda National Parks Regulations 1988 & 2018, the public should note:

Dogs in the National Parks:

  • Dogs are permitted to be on any public beach from the 1st November to the 31st March.
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times with leash length no greater than three metres 
  • For safety and health reasons dogs are not permitted on playgrounds in National Parks.

Horses in the National Parks:

  • From the 1st November – 30th April, no person shall take or ride a horse on Horseshoe Bay Beach, in South Shore Park, or on the beaches in Johns Smith’s Bay Park and Elbow Beach Park. However individuals may take or ride a horse on all other public beaches below the high tide water mark at any time.

Special Permits:

  • Park patrons are reminded that

     should be sought from the Department of Parks if they plan to have events and activities within the National Park System. Permits can also be collected from the Parks Office located at Global House, 43 Church Street Hamilton HM 12.

Bonfires in the National Parks:

  • All bonfires require a Special Permit which must be obtained from the Department of Parks’ office.   
  • Upon obtaining a Special Permit, persons will receive all necessary information about the terms and conditions for proper bonfire conduct within National Parks.

Small Unmanned Aircraft:

  • For those who wish to fly a small unmanned Aircraft (SUA) in any National Park, must have a permit issued by the Department of Parks.

For more info contact the office at 236-5902 or e-mail: