Search the Bermuda Job Board

The Bermuda Job Board has a multitude of programs and services to assist in your educational, training and vocational plans.

You will find job opportunities in Bermuda as well as many resources, such as help with resume writing and interview tips.

How to apply for a job on the Bermuda Job Board

1. Register – Once you have registered, you will receive an email that will remind you of your credentials, confirm your registration, and prompt you to log-in. Employers have the ability to search candidates who are registered with the Bermuda Job Board.

If you do not wish to appear in a general search, you can make your profile private and your information will only be shared with the company whose job you have applied to.

2.  Build your resume - Build your resume for employers to view fields such as education, experience, and references. When you apply for a job, the information that is filled in in your record at the time of applying is the information that is sent out to the employer.

However, if you choose to update your record after you apply for a job, the new information is saved and available to be sent with new applications, but is not sent to the employers you have previously applied to. 

3. Apply for a job – When you apply for a job, the employer is notified and the information that is in your record is viewable to the employer along with your supporting documents. The employer may then contact you in response to the application.

The interviewing and hiring process is managed by the employer, who may make direct contact with you should they deem you to be a potential match for their posted job opportunity.