Apply to receive a pension

You can apply to make contributions to a pension fund. There are contributory pensions, and non-contributory pensions.

You should complete the Application for a contributory pension/gratuity form and then bring the form in to the Department of Social Insurance to apply for your pension. 

Contributory pension

You are entitled to receive your contributory pension if you:

  • are 65 years of age or over; and
  • have paid (or been credited with) between 25 and 50 contributions to the CPF a year.

You may qualify whether you stop work or not.

The amount you receive will depend on the total contributions and number of years you have been part of the plan.

Contributory Pension Application (Webform)

Non-contributory pension

You qualify for a non-contributory pension if you:

  • do not qualify for a contributory pension;
  • are 65 years of age and living in Bermuda; and
  • are Bermudian and have been ordinarily resident here for more than ten years during the 20 years before you apply.

If you paid into the CPF but failed to meet the requirements for a contributory pension, you can receive a refund of the total contributions paid into the plan by you and on your behalf.