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Apply to become a marriage officer

Religious marriage ceremonies may only be performed by Marriage Officers who are registered with the Registry General.


If you want to be a Marriage Officer, you have to be an ordained minister of religion.

In general, ministers of the Christian, Jewish, Baha’i or Muslim faiths may apply for a Marriage Officer licence.

How to apply

To become a Marriage Officer, you have to complete a Marriage Officer Licence Application Form.pdf and send it to the Registry General along with:

  • a copy of your Certificate of Ordination or written confirmation of your qualifications from the senior administrative authority of your religion;
  • the required fee;
  • if you are non-Bermudian, a copy of the Immigration Department’s approval for you to perform a marriage in Bermuda . Please note that permission to come to Bermuda to perform a marriage ceremony must be applied for separately by sending a letter to the Bermuda Department of Immigration.


There is a fee of $105 to apply for a Marriage Officer Licence.

Additional information

The legislation in relation to the licensing of marriage officers is the Marriage Act 1944.pdf, in addition to:

Marriage Officers List - February 2016.pdf