Occupational safety and health

All workplaces—indoor and outdoor—in Bermuda are monitored for safety and health concerns. All employers must have a committee to review safety and health issues. Environmental Health Officers investigate complaints or major accidents (where there is a need). Residents should be able to work without fearing illness or injury from the following sources:  

1.    Harmful substances  

All operations involving substances particularly hazardous to health—such as asbestos, pesticides, poisons, and fumigants—normally require a permit. To request a permit, contact: osho@gov.bm

Additionally, the Occupational Safety and Health unit of Environmental Health monitors these operations to ensure that accepted levels of exposure are not exceeded and prepares an approved list of 

2.    Indoor air quality 

All new building proposals in Bermuda are subject to a review of the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning systems to maintain island-wide standards for indoor air quality.  Complaints may be investigated or referrals made.

3. Tobacco  

Any enclosed public space, workplace or public vehicle in Bermuda is non-smoking by law. In addition, no one shall smoke a cigarette or tobacco products in parts of buildings or land next to:

·         Healthcare facilities

·         Residential care facilities

·         Educational facilities

·         Day care facilities and preschools

·         Public transportation terminals

Find-out more information about the Tobacco Control Act 2015.

4.    Dangerous machinery 

All operators of heavy or dangerous machinery must possess appropriate licenses and qualifications. The Occupational Health and Safety Office monitors and registers all such equipment and ensures that heavy machinery is designed, installed, and maintained in safe operating condition.  

5.    Radiation 

All workplaces with radiation-emitting equipment are monitored in keeping with the Government of Bermuda’s guidelines for radioactive equipment.  

For more information contact us:

Telephone: (441) 278-5333
Email: envhealth@gov.bm
Location: 6 Hermitage Road, Devonshire FL 01